Posted by: joggett | June 13, 2013

#Juneathon 13 – Boris the GoGoGorilla & Goat

London today for work and not much opportunity for Juneathoning. As soon as I arrived at Liverpool St my first port of call was the Krispy Kreme donut stall! You can’t get Krispy Kreme in Norfolk, well if you can I don’t know about it. On my way there I passed one of our Norwich GoGoGorillas which is currently on loan, enticing folk to come to Norwich!

Boris the GoGoGorilla!

(That’s not my Costa Coffee bag by his left foot by the way)

My not very posh meeting was in the very posh Grosvenor Hotel. It was so posh there was a man there in a top hat to help you through the revolving door. There was this rather impressive sparkly chandelier in the atrium.

Grosvenor Chandelier

Grosvenor Chandelier

Work completed then met up with a friend for a drink in Spitalfields market and on my way I bumped into this goat

goat at spitalfieikldsBack home and then managed to motivate myself to do 31 mins of WiiFit which was unremarkable apart from the family insisted on ‘having a go’ at the ski jumping – so my 31 mins was technically 28. They were also threatening to leave a comment on my blog to say that cogitjoggett is a fantasist who actually doesn’t do any exercise at all and sits on the sofa eating Krispy Kreme donuts…hurrumph

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