Posted by: joggett | June 15, 2013

#Juneathon Day 15 – loving every drop

After yesterday’s 5 mile slog and a sore right achilles today my exercise was the dog walk. And what a low quality one it was too. I managed to time it disastrously to coincide with the downpour of the day. It was truly miserable, not least because I really don’t like the feel of this achilles. The challenge of the 10K just seems like I’m grappling against the odds of pains, pulls and strains. Surely it shouldn’t be this difficult? But I suppose if it was easy everyone would be doing it.

During the walk we passed this heap of smelly fertiliser stuff which Woody likes to roll in occasionally. He didn’t bother today fortunately:



Couldn’t get back quick enough and as we came passed the level crossing towards home we passed this Anglia Water van which had an inept slogan on the side:

We didn't love ever drop

We didn’t love ever drop

I especially didn’t like the drops that saturated my jeans and feet:

Wet, Wet, Wet

Wet, Wet, Wet

Then five minutes after I sat down with my cup of tea and Jaffa Cakes the sun came out. Timing 0/10.

To end today’s slightly grumpy blog here’s some nice flowers for a wedding today, hopefully enjoyed (a consolation for the atrocious weather)

We like

We like

As it’s 1/2 way through Juneathon I thought I should so some totals:


Today: Walk 2.75miles
For Juneathon after 15days

Walking 12.75 milesRunning  22.89 miles
Swimming 0.63 mile
WiiFit 1.3 miles


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