Posted by: joggett | June 22, 2013

#Juneathon 22 – best run ever

I have no idea what happened today but it I had a very good run. This was all the more remarkable as I got up very early for a Saturday and spent all morning on my feet at a farmers’ market . Is it possible to explain why some runs go well and others are utter rubbish? The rubbish ones happen when you think you are feeling good, alert and wanting to go for a run and then the great ones can happen when you think you are going to come a cropper. Maybe it was because my Menieres Society running vest for the Britsih 10k arrived in the post today so I decided to try it out. It is rather too big to it’ll do the job.

I went on the same 5 mile run as I did last week but walked an extra bit away from home before starting. I figured that if I planned to finish the run beyond my house I’d cave in and just stop.

This time I did stop to photograph the Whitefaced Woodland sheep – they stared back at me:

white faced

I also passed a jolly couple on a tandem and a family out walking with their dogs. The child shouted out “HELLO!!!!” as me as I passed. It was all good karma.

Here are some other photos from the day. This one is of an Elephant Hawk moth that OH caught in the moth trap overnight and presented to me in the kitchen. Fortunately it stayed on the egg box.

elephant hawk moth

And the next one is Saturday Flowers as this is now a becoming a regular. They colour scheme isn’t my favourite, but hey:

blue flowers
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Type: Run – Long Run
Duration: 1:01:00
Distance: 5.36 mi

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