Posted by: joggett | January 4, 2014

#Janathon 4 – muddy puddle dodging

Woke up without hangover! Bonus. What was supposed to be an ‘early morning run’ happened at 11.30am however. I chose to go easy and do ‘a run round the block’ route, dodging the puddles. On the way round I stopped for a chat with a friend out walking her two dogs, one of which was Diamond only 16weeks old. Very sweet.


Happy that I only felt a tweak of my knee by the end of my short run of 1.4 miles.

Today I had a look at my Janathon 2013 blogs and noticed I was complaining about mud that first week. I guess with such bad weather in the west a bit of mud really isn’t worth bellyaching about it. Here’s today’s mud from the quagmire in the woods today from my dog walk. The only running I did in the woods was running after a young girl who had dropped her mitten. By the way, the Johnny Depp DVD no where to be seen, must have been claimed.

muddy (2)

Janathon total:  Running 3.4miles, Walking 2miles,



  1. Glad Johnny Depp has been found, or adopted in to a new home.

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