Posted by: joggett | June 2, 2014

Day 2 Juneathon – my GP surgery is fantastic!

Juneathon Day 2 and ear infection day 2. . First thing this morning it was down to the GP’s surgery at opening time to see if I could get an appointment and I was amazed to be sitting in the doctor’s office about 10 minutes later; there’d been a cancellation.   GP seemed to be quite surprised with what he saw;  I asked ‘is it bad?’, he said ‘I haven’t seen one like that before’. Really?  Swabs taken and antibiotics prescribed, I was on my way. Guess that knocks the running on the head for a while, I certainly don’t feel up to it.

Today’s exercise a very slow and unstrenuous dog walk in the woods. The dog got more exercise than I did as he found his friend Fully Fluff-tious Oscar.  All this hardly the stuff of Juneathoners but need’s must I guess!


I’m always on the look out for some unconventional lost property at our local wood but all I could find today was the obligatory child’s sock:


Today’s exercise: about a slow mile walk 😦


  1. Ouch hope that ear heals soon, ear infections are so painful. What is about socks, I always see them when out running, abandoned, lonely solo socks

    • That’s where all the lost other halves are! Hoping things will pick up on the ear when the medication kicks in.

  2. Good spot with the lost items! A saw the equally obligatory hat hanging on a branch.

    • It’s going to be difficult to beat the oven gloves from last Juneathon.

  3. There’s a strange sense of pride when the GP is surprised by a symptom! Alright, so that might just be me. Hope it clears up soon.

    • Progress being made thanks.

  4. Boooo to poorly ears…
    Yay to cancelled appointments, filled by the needy, thus saving wasted clinic hours and the taxpayers’ money, huzzah!

    • (oo sorry, your comment was lurking in my spam folder of comments unbeknownst to me). Yes, agree it was a win-win in that respect. I got an appointment I needed and didn’t waste a space. Two weeks’ on and infection now gone thank goodness.

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