Posted by: joggett | June 22, 2015

#juneathon 21 – dog, ball, roses

I have left it too late to engage brain in this blog entry for this midsummer’s day. Went for a longer dog walk with Woody. He likes nothing more than walking in a crop.

woody in crop I am always keen to keep an eye out for lost property during walks and runs, especially if it’s very out of place. Previous finds have been a Johnny Depp DVD in the woods, and oven gloves in the middle of the road. Today I had to resort to my own lost property. I never was a very good thrower and here is a ball that I threw for Woody about 3 years ago. It got lodged in a tree on this particular dog walk route and it remains there to this day.

Spot the Ball competition

Spot the Ball competition

The dog rose is looking in particularly lush in the hedgerows at the moment.

dog roseAfter walking Woody I did about 0.5ml swimming. It was uneventful and the only CD I had was Smash Hit circa 2002.

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