Posted by: joggett | January 3, 2016

One last Quality Street – #Janathon Day 3

Sunday is swimming; I did 25minutes and about 50 lengths, but I also went on a dog walk in the muddy woods. As it was going to rain for the second half of the day the place was chocca with dog walkers (and their dogs).

It was also cake eating day. OH bought a cake from the Co-op solely on the grounds that it was called ‘moist fruit cake’, but he was duped as it was rather on the dry side. Obviously we needed more cake as we hadn’t eaten any for at least 48 hours.  So much for the January good intentions on the eating front.

In other news the neighbours Quality Street are still on their front wall and going strong. They wouldn’t have lasted so long in this house.  Thanks for your generosity, they have cheered me up as I passed by over the Christmas beak…

qs on wallquality street box

Back to work tomorrow which will make Janathon more of a challenge.

Today: Walking with dog ~ 2miles
Swimming – 0.4 miles




  1. That is a very cheery box.

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