Posted by: joggett | January 13, 2016

Treadmill traumas #Janathon Day 13

Today I had to go to Birmingham for work, which involved 4.5hours travelling. The meeting is tomorrow but it would mean having to leave home at 5.15am  to get there on time. Having arrived at the hotel I thought it would make sense to check out the gym facilities. Well, I didn’t have to go, but it seemed like the best option as I wasn’t running around Birmingham city centre in the dark and wet and not knowing where I was going.

Walked into ‘The Gym’ not really sure what I was going to find behind the door but when got in there I was a bit horrified. Inside there were all men seriously pumping weights and sweating and stuff!! Who would have guessed that would be the case?!  It was quite a small room too. Once I was in there I didn’t feel I could just turn round and walk out. So I made it over to the one of the free treadmills and just stared at it in a vacant looking way until a personal trainer who was putting some muscly lad through his paces, took pity on me and showed me how to use it.

I managed 20 minutes and there wasn’t even a TV to watch. I could have stayed on there for longer but I couldn’t hack it.  I quickly picked up my stuff and beat a hasty retreat. Well I would have done but treadmills make my legs go all funny, so I sort of lumbered my way out.


I think it will have to be planks tomorrow… I really don’t like the gym much




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