Posted by: joggett | January 18, 2016

Woody the spectator #Janathon day 18

While it was daylight I was working so just didn’t find the opportunity to run today. It’s becoming a feature of my Janathon this year. I can’t remember a previous Janathon where I have run less.

So it was a post-work, pre-dinner Jillian Michaels exercise class again. Woody the dog had taken up residence in front of the fire and was not going to budge the whole session. He is not bothered one bit by me star jumping about. And I didn’t have a lot of room for man0euvre.

woody by fire 2

“I’ll ignore you”

woody by fire

“You look silly mummy”

Just maybe I’ll get to run tomorrow…

Jillian Michaels Level 1 : 30minutes


  1. Good old Woody.

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