Posted by: joggett | January 23, 2016

morning run and a nine goal ‘thriller’ #janathon day 23

I got a Saturday run out of the way before breakfast, it was my regular short route that I haven’t really managed to extend during the whole of January. Lovely and mild and the sun breaking through.
It was the best thing to do as the rest of the day was busy with football. Today was a lunchtime match for Norwich v Liverpool. It was the most topsy turvy rollercoaster of a match I have seen in many a long year. We threw away a 2 goal lead, went behind for the second time, equalised in second minute of extra time and then lost in the last minute.  9-goal Thriller? More like Horror story!

james milner corner

By the way, Day 22 didn’t really happen. I stacked some village hall chairs? Would that count?

Run: 2.8 miles


  1. Congrats on the run. Commiserations on the football.

  2. Other more satisfying teams are available.

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