Posted by: joggett | January 12, 2016

I was bad :( #Janathon Day 11

I didn’t do anything.

Calling on Rev’d Maxim for forgiveness…..

Today: BFZed

Posted by: joggett | January 10, 2016

birthday swim #janathon day 10

It was my birthday today and I had considered going for a run and then a swim but it turned into just a swim. The afternoon was spent watching Star Wars film and eating vast amounts of chocolate and then curry.
I enjoyed it all though.

Swim: a leisurely 25minutes


Posted by: joggett | January 9, 2016

Soggy Bottom! #Janathon Day 9

One of my Christmas presents was a new inner tube for my bike tyre. Not only the inner tube but repair and fitting too. Unfortunately repair work did not extend to sorting out squeaking breaks. Oh well, you can’t have everything. As I only had limited time and thought it would be good Janathon business to take the bike out for the first time this year.

Like most places in the country Norfolk has had rain over the last week leaving the roads very puddly. I had forgotten that cycling without a mud flap means that the water sprays up your back. So after I’d returned home after my 6 mile bike ride the back of me was like this:

Dirty back from bicycle

Good job I wasn’t on my way anywhere other than returning home as my rear end was somewhat damp, or to be more precise, a Soggy Bottom situation.

The afternoon was taken up with watching Norwich City play in the 3rd round of the FA cup v. Manchester City.  Not a thrilling game and one which ManCity had in control throughout. At least we can now ‘concentrate on the league’. Off the Ball City!

Norwich city pitch

Ready for Kick Off at Carrow Road. NCFC v MCFC in FA Cup.


Posted by: joggett | January 8, 2016

A trip to the post box #Janathon day 8

The weather was so good that I thought it would be foolish not to use the opportunity to sneak in a run before the light went, so I went on a reprise of the riverside route without getting caught out by the locked railings. My mission was to get a birthday card posted in a post box that had not been collected for the day. So half the run was completed with envelope in hand looking for a suitable box. A few false calls but then found one third time lucky in the cathedral close.
I realise I should have taken a pic of the card (for blogging purposes) which was for a 5 year-old Norwich City fan who shares my birthday.

Run: 2 self conscious city miles

Posted by: joggett | January 7, 2016

“Chop, Chop!” – #Janathon Day 7

And to end the first week of Janathon it’s a ‘nothing much to see  here’ moment from me. I went to the dentist mid afternoon and got back home earlier than usual. It was getting a bit too dark, but moreover too puddlesome and windy to run, so it was a 25 minute Jillian work-out again.

“Chop chop!” as Jillian would say.

Posted by: joggett | January 6, 2016

Riverside run and climbing railings #Janathon Day 6

Just before the daylight started to fade I managed to get myself out of the back door during working day and do a short run. For some reason I felt very self conscious about this today – I’m more accustomed to shuffle running around country lanes near home. I ran the route I had checked out a few days before. However I got the riverside element completely wrong as I ended up at this point on the path….

Riverside gate locked

Which meant that unless I ran back the way I had come and then run by the road I had to get myself over this fence…

fence riverside

and that wasn’t part of the run plan and didn’t help on the ‘not feeling self-conscious’ objective.

Couldn’t resist taking a quick pic of the Cathedral from the Close and felt grateful it wasn’t raining:

norwich cathedral 2

Back in the office I treated my self to a Ferrero Rocher as a little reward (once I’d found where they were hiding!!)

Run: 2miles


Posted by: joggett | January 6, 2016

Jillian revisited – #Janathon day 5

The good news is that I fitted in exercise. A 30 day Shred exercise video with Jillian Michaels, which is possibly the bad news. I am yet to progress passed Level 1.  I expect I will be reacquainting myself with Jillian later on this month, and I definitely will if I don’t get out and do a lunchtime run sometime soon.

In other news I exercised my bingo wings at bingo and won £10! Result.

jillan michaels

Posted by: joggett | January 4, 2016

riverside walk #Janathon Day 4

Back to work today after Christmas and I could only fit in a late lunchtime walk. I need to get into the habit of running in the city from work but i can work towards that. The last time I was down this route was during the Norwich 10k in the summer. Today was rather more leisurely.

Today: Walk 2miles



Posted by: joggett | January 3, 2016

One last Quality Street – #Janathon Day 3

Sunday is swimming; I did 25minutes and about 50 lengths, but I also went on a dog walk in the muddy woods. As it was going to rain for the second half of the day the place was chocca with dog walkers (and their dogs).

It was also cake eating day. OH bought a cake from the Co-op solely on the grounds that it was called ‘moist fruit cake’, but he was duped as it was rather on the dry side. Obviously we needed more cake as we hadn’t eaten any for at least 48 hours.  So much for the January good intentions on the eating front.

In other news the neighbours Quality Street are still on their front wall and going strong. They wouldn’t have lasted so long in this house.  Thanks for your generosity, they have cheered me up as I passed by over the Christmas beak…

qs on wallquality street box

Back to work tomorrow which will make Janathon more of a challenge.

Today: Walking with dog ~ 2miles
Swimming – 0.4 miles



Posted by: joggett | January 2, 2016

What I like about #Janathon – day 2

  1. You fit in runs that you would normally make an excuse not to do, e.g. time, weather, can’t be arsed.
  2. You have more chance of your other half understanding that you HAVE to go for a run, when they would otherwise be tutting
  3. You take more notice of your surroundings as you are desperately trying to find something interesting to photograph/blog about
  4. Smugness and virtue can be yours for a whole month
  5. 1st Feb feels great

    Apropos of #3 above this the sum total of my interesting I finds today.. south Norfolk can be a bit boring at times..

Day 2: Ran 1.25miles


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