Posted by: joggett | January 24, 2016

Muddy woody walk #janathon day 24

Into the last week of Janathon and therefore the last Sunday.  I managed two activities, firstly a swim which is my Sunday regular, and followed by a dog walk in a muddy wood.

Nothing noteworthy happened in either except for the vast amount of mud in the wood. I find keeping upright a bit tiring after a while but the dog didn’t care about the terrain one bit of course.

Negotiating Muddy bit

muddy boots

Swimming: 0.4mls

Wading through mud: ~2.0miles



  1. One more Sunday in Janathon. Just saying…

    • Duh! Silly me of course there is another Sunday… was that wishful thinking?

      • More mud to look forward to… 😉

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