Posted by: joggett | January 24, 2016

Muddy woody walk #janathon day 24

Into the last week of Janathon and therefore the last Sunday.  I managed two activities, firstly a swim which is my Sunday regular, and followed by a dog walk in a muddy wood.

Nothing noteworthy happened in either except for the vast amount of mud in the wood. I find keeping upright a bit tiring after a while but the dog didn’t care about the terrain one bit of course.

Negotiating Muddy bit

muddy boots

Swimming: 0.4mls

Wading through mud: ~2.0miles


Posted by: joggett | January 23, 2016

morning run and a nine goal ‘thriller’ #janathon day 23

I got a Saturday run out of the way before breakfast, it was my regular short route that I haven’t really managed to extend during the whole of January. Lovely and mild and the sun breaking through.
It was the best thing to do as the rest of the day was busy with football. Today was a lunchtime match for Norwich v Liverpool. It was the most topsy turvy rollercoaster of a match I have seen in many a long year. We threw away a 2 goal lead, went behind for the second time, equalised in second minute of extra time and then lost in the last minute.  9-goal Thriller? More like Horror story!

james milner corner

By the way, Day 22 didn’t really happen. I stacked some village hall chairs? Would that count?

Run: 2.8 miles

Posted by: joggett | January 21, 2016

Strictly dog walking on ice #janathon day 21

Early morning dog walk today was my Janathon contribution tody. It was icy, cold and bracing and by time we returned it was getting muddier. I tried my hand at taking some arty-esque photos of leaves and ice.

Dog walk: 2.75miles


Posted by: joggett | January 20, 2016

Sunset dash #janathon day 20

Day 19 didn’t happen. 8 hours spent in meetings meant that unless I was ultra-organised it was always going to be difficult.

Today I manged to grab a cold 2 mile run in the last bit of daylight of the day (around this tree).

home sunset

My run went around this tree

Posted by: joggett | January 18, 2016

Woody the spectator #Janathon day 18

While it was daylight I was working so just didn’t find the opportunity to run today. It’s becoming a feature of my Janathon this year. I can’t remember a previous Janathon where I have run less.

So it was a post-work, pre-dinner Jillian Michaels exercise class again. Woody the dog had taken up residence in front of the fire and was not going to budge the whole session. He is not bothered one bit by me star jumping about. And I didn’t have a lot of room for man0euvre.

woody by fire 2

“I’ll ignore you”

woody by fire

“You look silly mummy”

Just maybe I’ll get to run tomorrow…

Jillian Michaels Level 1 : 30minutes

Posted by: joggett | January 17, 2016

Sunday Swim day and alpaca spotting #janathon day 17

Today I went swimming as it was Sunday. Nothing eventful other than I wish I would remember to change my swimming CD from Smash Hits circa 2002. Only so much Blue, Robbie Williams and Sugarbabes I can stomach.

On my home I drove past a field of alpacas and it seemed rude not to stop to say hello.


Curious Alpacas

Swim: 25mins

Posted by: joggett | January 16, 2016

Back to it – chilly run in sun #janathon day 16

Today I went for a short run in the morning and it felt good to get back to some proper running. It was very cold to start with but once I’d got going it was extremely pleasant. I’m not very good at stopping and starting running and find that if I stop for whatever reason during a run I just lose it and end up walking. Today I had to stop for a very good reason. I met the dog-walking couple who helped me (successfully) to find my dog when he took himself for a two hour walk one early morning before Christmas. I was very happy to stop and chat to them and actually did manage to regain my running momentum afterwards.

There wasn’t anything of note to photograph during the run. Not unpleasant running scenery though and the sun is shining:


Run: 2.8miles

Posted by: joggett | January 15, 2016

slackathon #janathon day 14

It’s now hitting slackathon territory. Full day in Birmingham and I wasn’t going into that place called Gym. So I did an improvised Jillian in my hotel bedroom. That doesn’t sound quite right… I did what I could remember of the Jillian Level 1, forgetting most of the hurty bits. I walked up a hill to the conference place, in the rain when I could have got a taxi.

I found this on the wall of the one of the meeting spaces. You what?! Space to Kick Off?  CONCEIVE ?? Steady on…



Posted by: joggett | January 13, 2016

Treadmill traumas #Janathon Day 13

Today I had to go to Birmingham for work, which involved 4.5hours travelling. The meeting is tomorrow but it would mean having to leave home at 5.15am  to get there on time. Having arrived at the hotel I thought it would make sense to check out the gym facilities. Well, I didn’t have to go, but it seemed like the best option as I wasn’t running around Birmingham city centre in the dark and wet and not knowing where I was going.

Walked into ‘The Gym’ not really sure what I was going to find behind the door but when got in there I was a bit horrified. Inside there were all men seriously pumping weights and sweating and stuff!! Who would have guessed that would be the case?!  It was quite a small room too. Once I was in there I didn’t feel I could just turn round and walk out. So I made it over to the one of the free treadmills and just stared at it in a vacant looking way until a personal trainer who was putting some muscly lad through his paces, took pity on me and showed me how to use it.

I managed 20 minutes and there wasn’t even a TV to watch. I could have stayed on there for longer but I couldn’t hack it.  I quickly picked up my stuff and beat a hasty retreat. Well I would have done but treadmills make my legs go all funny, so I sort of lumbered my way out.


I think it will have to be planks tomorrow… I really don’t like the gym much




Posted by: joggett | January 13, 2016

Wet run and rainbow #Janathon day 12

Yesterday, didn’t happen somehow. I was going to go on a lunchtime walk I think but it never really materialised and then it was too dark. But if I’m honest I just wasn’t organised or motivated. I did make up for it today as I went for a run in the last of the daylight in the pouring rain and cold.

Just before I arrived back home from work a rainbow was out but I could only just catch it before it faded away and then it started raining again, but this time without the sun.


Rainbow just about detectable

I also ran for a train today and missed it. It was a day of waiting in the cold for buses and trains. I spent more time waiting than travelling.

Run: 2.8miles

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